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AT V-CNS, complex, slow-to-recover, and peristent or chronic concussion care leverages the expertise of multiple disciplines in the context of team-based comprehensive, interdisciplinary care coordinated between professionals in the community.  We are committed to helping our patients achieve their rehabilitation and return goals with minimal wait times and maximal coordination in the delivery of services to further reduce recovery times.  



          Our Mandate:

  • Manage concussions wisely, leveraging the best evidence for return to play, school, and work. 


  • Coordinate active rehabilitation programs for those who are slow-to-recover to expedite a safe return to pay, school, and work. 


  • Offer baseline testing in multiple domains affected by concussion for those who are engaged in sports or activities where the risk of concussion is high.


consider these critically important facts in its treatment approach: 

1)            A concussion is a mild traumatic brain             injury.

2)             A concussion puts you at greater risk for           a second concussion.

3)             If a second concussion is sustained                   before the first has resolved it may                     increase your risk for slower                                   resolution and long-term issues.

4)            Concussion symptoms present in multi-             disciplinary arenas.

5)      Unless symptoms in all arenas have                   resolved, a concussion cannot be                     determined to have resolved.


Given the increased risk of sustaining a second concussion following a first, as well as the increased risk for complicated recovery should a second concussion be sustained, a key challenge to successful concussion management involves identification of concussion resolution.


In order to assess the presence and then resolution of symptoms of concussion, coordination between relevant professionals and experts is managed by V-CNS.


Services provided directly through V-CNS include ImPACT testing and interpretation, health psychology services to address mood, coping and adjustment issues in the patient and/or their family which may interfere with rehabilitation or recovery, and neuropsychology services to administer cognitive testing and remediation when necessary. 

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